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About QADER E-Portal

Qadir E-Portal is an electronic platform contains information about rights of persons with disabilities in Palestine and the world. It provides an open space for all concerned researchers to access information and resources on the issues and rights of persons with disabilities. The portal includes all national legislations related to the rights of persons with disabilities and relevant international agreements, in addition to a database of studies and research related to issues and rights of persons with disabilities in Palestine and the world, in both Arabic and English.


Vision of QADER E-Portal

An online informative hub, available to all society members, easy to access and use. Considered as incubator for various and comprehensive information and sources on disability issues locally, regionally and globally.


The E-Portal is managed by a specialized team of researchers and workers in the QADER . The team works on a daily basis to update the information, and search for all new information to feed the portal sections, respond to inquiries, and network with other information sources such as local, regional and international libraries, universities and research institutions working in the field of disability and human rights.